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Greener Future
  Greener Future      
    We pride ourselves on holding FSC® certification and have also obtained ISO 14001 and ISO 9001 certification as well. All presses run with Euro Filters, eliminating all alcohol chemicals and use vegetable-based inks. Environment issues are predominant in our production and we are yearly certified on all waste disposal. FSC Logos    

H-UV System
The Komori H-UV System is an innovated UV curing system that uses a UV lamp developed with Komori know-how and high-sensitivity UV ink.
With just one lamp mounted in the delivery, this system offers high print quality and reliability as well as excellent economic and eco-friendly performance.
The H-UV system does not discharge ozone thanks to the reduction of the light emitted in the ozone-generating wavelength of the spectrum that occurs with conventional UV lamps. In addition, the H-UV system contributes tremendously to a better environment inside the printing plant because it does not use powder and is nearly odourless. Thus, the Komori H-UV system is an environmentally friendly perfect match for emerging trends.

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